KRÄLFE - the duo that invented minimal noise rock!
The rhythm section extracted from the classic rock band line-up raises the synergies between drums and bass to euphoric, dystopian derailments. Brachial, driving, delicate and swinging on harmonics, the music goes straight into the legs.

On the second album KONSERVE, also released on Tumbleweed Records, guitar and vocals were added as further ingredients in german, english, romanian and japanese.

But live it remains confrontal instrumental!


KRÄLFE was founded 2012 at Hamburg as in instrumental bass & drum duo. The band consists of Cläre Caspar: drums and Ralf Küster: bass.

2014 the first KRÄLFE album had been recorded and mixed at the funkhaus Berlin by Kozmicsound of Mischkah Wilke. There KRÄLFE focused on their musical line, on a powerful sound of their instruments as being the main part of their music and tried to transport it as good as possible to vinyl.

2016 the second album KONSERVE (engl.: tin) was recorded and mixed analogue again by Mischkah Wilke.
KONSERVE is the concept of this album. There KRÄLFE does not focus so much on the life-character than more on the possibility of adding other ingredients to the tin. Next to the KRÄLFE songs known up to now as bass + drums songs, there were also added vocals and guitar to real classic noise rock pieces.

Cläre Caspars voice referes to influences such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, X-Ray- Spex and the B52s. The guitar play of Ralf Küster stilistically leans on Sonic Youth, The Wipers and 80ies Thrash-Metal bands.



Bands like Messer and Karies would or will ask KRÄLFE to support their program. Allthough they sometimes do sound like an overheated noisepunk version of Xmal Deutschland. (...) music which in the 80ies you could listen to in-between cold
and wet concrete walls at the Tacheles or SO36 while waiting for Gang of Four or Fat Gadget. No doubt that John Peel would have invited the duo spontaneously to one of his legendary sessions.
Markus Kolodziej / OX Fanzine.de / june 2017


This is definitely a big step forward. The minimalistic noiserock merched into a gloomy, pressureful and energetic postpunk and nothing like out of the "tin" (= KONSERVE). The songs do impress strongly and I can nothing but congratulate the band to this course.
33rpm / may 2017

Threatening is the sound of the first song presented by KRÄLFE on their second album KONSERVE . (...) pop just sounds a bit different. But nevertheless KONSERVE is to be recommended especially to those readers who are interested in punk apart from the sad boys with their ever and everlasting bassparts.
Postpunk.de / may 2017

Hard, edgy, brachial but nevertheless weird. Much is still there and KRÄLFE ist to be recognized at once on their second album KONSERVE. All the same it is a gigantic jump. Such the inclined listener of postpunk enjoys a new crude version of this playing. On the whole KRÄLFE sounds more like a somewhat rough version of bands like Die Nerven and Friends of Gas. KONSERVE is not a record for a careless flirt but more a kind of love at second glance that lasts.
jmc Magazin / may 2017

First there is a musical love-letter gently whispered and second the full orcan-like atac with postpunk and screamcore ambition. Allthough KRÄLFE with their more conventional adjustment made themselves more comparable, the work is nevertheless convincing. No question: by this record KRÄLFE matured from an abstract idea into a proper band.
Ullrich Maurer / Gästeliste.de / may 2017

You get something completely wrong if you expect a simple kind of guitars-drums-bass-vocals-album. It is amazing to see what a variety of ideas KRÄLFE draw out of their new possibilities. Above all there lingers the shellac-character of noiserock. The more of instruments and above all the singing does a lot of good to KRÄLFE. Carry on!
Volker / Kind Revolver Club / may 2017

Exciting to see that by this action the two deliberately in ltrate the well-known appearance of a two-men-band with traditional roles (bass/drums and instrumental) and just overstep the expected limits. It is different in a refreshing way, becau-
se normally ones ears are burning by the total sound of the 2-men-combos.
True Trash Magazin / may 2017

(...) they ́ve got more frantic postpunk songs now. This means good news for the band, so does the singing of Cläre Caspar which sounds a bit vicious, but suits quite well to the whole sphere. It often reminds you of Siouxsie Sioux. Let ́s say KRÄLFE are this time even more approachable and versatile then 2014.
Hauke Heesch / Fördefüsterer august 2017


Reviews KRÄLFE debut

It ́s minimalistic noiserock celebrated by Krälfe on their debut, it strikes especially by a variety of compositions, creating thus an intensive experience of listening, which even in infinite loop does not bore but is fascinating and gripping. Those who like the crudeness of punk, who love the melodiousity of stonerock and appreciate the charm of noiserock, will experience in the Krälfe debut an entertaining treat for the ears.
Résumé: Krälfe presents on this likewise named debut a very intensive noiserock, which is gripping and delights every second - my absolut recommandation!
P.S.: It needs a lot of skill and effort to get the optimum out of a minimum.
Kulturterrorismus.com / july 2015


Krälfe is a duo whose psychodelicness erases out of persevering work on rythm and riff. The drummer Cläre Caspar and the bassist Rlf Küster have worked out at the studio Nalepastrasse ten extremely varied instrumental tracks for the debut album. One should listen to them loud and in calmness. Then surely a meditative condition will arrive. Küster lets his bass rast, Caspar beats her drums stoicly like a metronom and the listener can forget about the joint.
Thomas Winkler / TAZ / 25.06.2015

To play a dry as well as a bulky instrumental rock the berlin duo renounces of tiresome rockstar-poses. The noiserock of Krälfe is not effective by an over-puffed-up sound, but rather by a sovereign corporation of two musicians who gained a lot of various experiences by playing in different bands of electro-metal up to dialect-ragga.
Gary Flanell / Zitty / edition 15/2015

A cracked but very catchy name of a band, an amazing concept, that is instrumental music just with bass and drums and a completely unconceated oerformance. It ́s because of this that a unique attraction is caused by this music. All the other instruments can just be imagined. Thank you for this splended experience.
Benjamin Walter / Intro / july 2015

Krälfe von Berlin cannot easily be classfied. Yes, energy and pressure is present in all the songs of Krälfe. In contrast to other postrockbands the two do not walk in the trap of "long-loud-soft- songs" which make so many of the genre dreadfully boring. Ten songs, twentynine minutes, powerfully straight on. That ́s the way! Fine thing, this debut!
Volker Kindt / Revolver Club / september 2015

The way these two play their instruments can be called nothing but virtous. And there is no neglect of melody or drive. Very good! Better: realley good! I would declare this record as a must-have for your vinyl collection.
True Trash.com / august 2015